Our kids classes are designed to teach children self-defense, discipline, and respect. They also get a lot of exercise and have a lot of fun!

These classes are open to ages 7-12. By combining the Discipline of traditional Songahm Taekwondo, learning Respect through life skill development and the Self-Esteem gained by the reward system, we believe your students will advance in the martial arts and reach their fullest potential.

Students in our traditional martial arts classes undergo testing at two month intervals as a color belt. Upon reaching black belt recommended status the testing schedule will be different. Taekwondo students are required to wear a traditional uniform or other approved MPMA gear. (Ask us about receiving a free uniform as a new student.) MPMA does have some safety equipment available for students to borrow, but if your student intends to participate in sparring you will want to purchase them their own mouth guard. Students who regularly spar and attend tournaments are encouraged to purchase their own set of gear. (See your child’s instructor for details.)