Welcome to Mt. Pleasant Martial Arts, a family oriented martial arts school based in Mt. Pleasant, MI. We believe that martial arts is more than just a physical activity. It’s also a way to build character, develop discipline, and learn self-defense. We’re committed to providing our students with a positive and supportive environment where they can reach their full potential. Martial arts is for everyone, regardless of age, gender, or skill level. Our goal is to help each of our students reach their goals; whether that’s improving fitness, winning competitions*, or gaining self-confidence.

We offer a variety of classes for all ages and skill levels, including:

    • Traditional Martial Arts: (ATA Songahm Taekwondo) Get fit while learning traditional techniques and forms. As you advance you’ll have the opportunity to compete with others students at the local, state, national, and even world level. Open to students ages 4 and up.

    • MMA and Self-defense: Learn practical techniques for protecting yourself while standing or on the ground. Open to students ages 6 and up.

    • Advanced/Leadership: Students with more experience have the opportunity to join our advanced classes, and even train to become instructors themselves.

In addition to our regular classes, we also offer a variety of special programs, such as:

    • Summer Camp: Each summer we offer our Taekwondo students the opportunity to sign up for Rank Advancement Training, packing two months of training into a week of challenging (but fun!) sessions.

    • Self-Defense Seminars: We offer 2-4 hour self-defense seminars for private groups. These seminars teach valuable self-defense techniques that can be used in real-world situations.

    • Birthday Parties: We offer birthday parties for kids of all ages. Your child can have a blast learning and celebrating with their friends.

Contact Us

To learn more about our school or to schedule a class, please call/text us at 1-989-506-6737 or email: mtpleasantma@gmail.com
We look forward to hearing from you!

*With traditional, and progressive high-energy curriculum and certified instructors, ATA Martial Arts has the programs needed for kids, adults, and families to cultivate self-discipline and to be successful in life. Become part of the over 130,000 active members training, competing in Tournaments and Seminars around the world.

206 W Michigan, Mt. Pleasant, MI